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Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder has a spectrum of severity from Mild to Severe. 

For those who are classified as Alcohol Dependent, the Alcohol Use Disorder would be Severe. Meaning that Alcohol has had negative effects in your life. The best outcomes for those with Severe Alcohol Use Disorders is to quit drinking. 

While Alcoholics Anonymous and Smart Recovery groups will provide you with the support to stay quit, we provide you with the tools to quit. 

Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorders are also classified based on severity. 

While you probably don't have to face the same challenges of those who suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder, such as attending sporting events and watching everyone drink, the internal cravings and desire for the drug is strong. 

Anonymous groups such as Smart Recovery, Cocaine Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, etc. can provide you with long term sobriety support, we will help you get over the first few month of sobriety.

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