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  • Danielle Castaneda, CRADC, MAATP, SAP

Mental Health Evaluations

About Behavioral Change has a variety of services and multiple clinicians with various degrees to provide Mental Health Evaluations for court and the Department of Children and Family Services.

Despite the high prevalence of mental health and substance use problems, too many Americans go without treatment — in part because their disorders go undiagnosed or may be misdiagnosed. Regular screenings in primary care and other healthcare settings enables earlier identification of mental health and substance use disorders, which translates into earlier care.

While some clinicians are quick to diagnosis mental health disorders while an individual is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, we recognize that this is not appropriate. Since numerous types of disorders found within the DSM-5 and substance intoxication or use may have similar presentations, it is important to determine what is the true underlying cause of symptoms. Symptoms shown during substance intoxication or use typically resolve once the individual has stopped using drugs/alcohol for an appropriate amount of time. The amount of time needed is dependent on the type of drugs, amount of drugs and length of time that the drug has been used. Then and only then, should a mental health diagnosis be provided.

However, some medications given for mental health disorders many lessen the current symptoms and provide the necessary time for the body to eliminate drugs. There are also medications for substance use disorders that can assist clients with withdrawal, cravings and drug seeking behaviors. Our Schaumburg Office is equipped with physicians who have the knowledge and ability to prescribe these medications when it is appropriate.

Our cross trained and certified clinicians are able to address both Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders collectively and separately. We offer Dual Diagnosis groups and individual settings. Our main goal through conducting mental health evaluations is to thoroughly assess the individual as an individual, so that proper diagnosis can be made. We take time and careful consideration while conducting evaluations as we aim to provide appropriate recommendations to best assist those evaluated in getting the services they need.

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