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Compulsive Gambling Treatment

Gambling Treatment

Gambling is so prevalent in our society that we introduce it to children at an early age such as playing Bingo with the hope of winning a prize. As young adults, we bet our friends a few dollars as to which of our favorite sports team will win. But then something changes. We begin risking money that we couldn't afford to lose. All of a sudden, we find ourselves in a situation with very little hope and searching for answers to questions such as:

But their is hope! We work with the individual and their families to get back through a series of strategies including budgeting and debt assessments. We can even help you call your debtors to negotiate repayment plans. The Illinois Department of Human Services has provided us with a treatment grant for those who cannot afford treatment on their own. 

ABC's team is led by Karen Kinsman, an experienced and certified Counselor (CADC). She is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support. For those seeking help with gambling disorders, you can contact Karen directly at (630)-762-1122.

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