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  • Kelly Botello, MS, CADC

Level 3 High Risk

You have been classified at this level of care because you have met the medical criteria for Alcohol Use Disorder - Moderate to Severe, Substance Use Disorder - Moderate to Severe, or you have three DUI arrests within a 10-year time period.

No matter how you got to this level, it is highly suggested that you stop drinking and/or using drugs. At this point, it is likely that your drinking/drug use has caused problems in your life, not only legally, but in other areas as well. Sometimes, it is difficult to recognize the problems in your life that have been caused by alcohol/drugs until it is laid out right if front of you. This is the nature of a heavy substance abuse or addiction. See this as an opportunity to look at the facts of your drinking/drug use and, therefore, an opportunity to makes changes now before it gets worse. It can always get worse and it often does.

To complete treatment for a Level III High Risk, you must attend 75 hours of counseling and the continuing care recommendation that was recommended by your evaluator and/or treatment provider. In accordance with the Illinois Secretary of State guidelines, our office requires all Level III High Risk clients to complete 12 months of continuing care.

Level III High Risk treatment is focused on alternatives to drinking and using drugs. We educate clients on the disease concept, progression of addiction, medical complications, coping skills, healthy life skills, and so much more. We encourage the clients to evaluate their relationship with alcohol/drugs, triggers, and patterns of use. We then work on promoting positive support for maintaining abstinence or living a life of recovery. This may look different for each person depending on independent needs. For some, this may be developing support through a 12-step program and for others it may be finding social activities and peers that do not drink or use drugs. It may be recommended that further individual treatment is needed to address other underlying issues of substance use. Individual client needs are important to us and imperative toward helping you be successful in making changes in your life.

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