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Level 2 Significant - Second Arrest

So you have to do 20 or 75 hours of DUI counseling.

The two are very different because of the circumstance that required it are very different.

For individuals recommended to complete 20 hours of Substance Abuse Counseling, it is time for you to seriously think about where you want your life to go. Or maybe a better question is, how difficult do you want your life to be in the future? Is the satisfaction from drinking so great that you have another $10,000 to spend on a DUI or money no concern and the fact that you will may not be able to drive for an unknown amount of time sound great to you?

Level II Significant have either a prior DUI arrest or had a BAC over 0.20 at the time of their DUI arrest. If you had a prior arrest, I bet you said.... "I WILL NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE AGAIN." I hope you read that statement in the big man voice that I hear every time I hear that. Because somehow every thinks that just saying it will somehow mean that you will never do it again. But the truth is that approximately 25% of DUI offenders will get another DUI regardless of their level of care. Think about it this way, there were probably at least four people in counseling with you on the first DUI, which of the four did you think it was going to be. Or how about this, of all the people sitting in counseling with you, which one stood up and said "Yes, I will drink and drive again!" I bet none.

Lets go even further with this thought. At what age did you wake up and say "Some day I will have a DUI and I will be proud of it?" You knew better before you got the first DUI arrest and you certainly knew not to drink and drive after the first arrest and before your second DUI arrest. How many times do you have to do something that you know will have a very negative consequence on all aspects of your life and you continuously do it? The continuously do it is not driving, it is the drinking that I am talking about.

Most of the clients that I see would never be thought of as criminals. However, once that they have their first DUI arrest, that is just what they are. I know that sounds bad! But think about it and do not stop reading just because you don't like what you read. Give me a chance!

You are pulled from your vehicle, you are asked to take test that you don't want to to take, you are handcuffed, you are read your rights, you are put in a police car, you are searched, fingerprinted, made to take the worse picture of your life, given an ugly set of clothes, had all of your jewelry (including that wedding ring that you never take off) removed, made to sit in a cell, given one phone call, etc. That is how they treat criminals. And you are not a person who has ever done anything else wrong to be placed in this situation.

If I would have told the younger you, that I am 100% certain that their is a 25% chance that will be arrested and charged as a criminal but that I could give you 100% certainty that you could avoid that situation, would your younger you have taken me up on it? If I told you on the morning of your arrest that there was a 100% chance that you would be arrested like a criminal but that I could guarantee at 100% that you wouldn't have been arrested for at least what I was certain of, would you have listened to me?

For most of the people who are reading this, Alcohol has turned you into a criminal! Let me repeat that..... Alcohol has turned you into a criminal! Alcohol was the reason why you were read your rights, brought to jail and booked. You were part of the 25% of Americans who thought they were invincible to DUI arrest and were wrong. If you are a Level II - Significant for the second DUI arrest, you were part of the approximately 25% of first time of DUI offender AND part of the 25% of those individuals who thought they would never drink and drive again and were again wrong.

A second DUI arrest places in the approximately 12.5% of Americans who have two DUI arrest in their lifetime.

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