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Losing your license - DUI

Losing your driver's license because of a DUI is devastating.

DUI Arrest

You went out for a night with friends. But the fun ended with handcuff. How did it happen?

1. You were going out with friends as you always have in the past. You never thought about the drive home.

2. You partied the night away and only have a few drinks. You felt fine when you left the bar but on the way home you started to feel the effects of alcohol. Maybe you pulled over because you knew you should not be driving. Then the police stopped to check on you and ended up arresting you. Maybe you continued to drive because you knew home was only a few blocks away and you could drive blindfolded if you needed to because "It is just, right there!"

3. You knew you were going to drink and knew not to drive so you left your car at home. But the other person that was drinking did not think ahead and you ended up doing the "who is more sober to drive" debate and you won? Or did you lose? Either way you want to say it, you ended up being to driver and should not have been driving.

4. You mistakenly drove your car out that night. You knew you were going to be drinking. You knew you should not have been driving. But you needed your car the next morning and there was no way to get it if you didn't drive it home. You decided to drive and risk it but the outcome was not in your favor.

6. You parked your car at your friends house around the corner from where you were going to be drinking. You had no intention of driving home. You walked back to your friends house after drinking and went to sleep. In the morning, you were on your way home and you were arrested for a DUI.

7. You had a few hits of a joint while you were out. You watched your speed because you didn't want to get stopped but the police said that you crossed over the center line and arrested you for DUI.

We know these things happen. We see it everyday and have heard countless stories of misfortune and bad decisions. But do you know the one thing that all of these stories have in common? They decided to drive their car after using Drugs and/or Alcohol.

You are handcuffed for the first time in your life! Your picture is taken and no one asked you to smile. Your car it towed. You sit in a holding just thinking what you should have done differently but it is too late. This night will continue to haunt you for the next 12 to 24 months. So what happens now?

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